Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Festergut Down, Bugged Professor!

So the first day my ten man group went into ICC10, we cleared everything to Rotface but didn't get him down. When we went back in about 2 days ago, we 1 shot him. I was on cleansing duty of course, and dang it was kinda intense, but once the off tank got the kiting down it was a sinch. Getting to Festergut, I was kinda scared to be honest after the attempts we did on 25 man. In 25 man our tank was taking massive hits, even with two pally healers on him (even though I had to carry the other pally AHEM AHEM =p). Going into 10m Festergut with me, a shammy healer and a resto tree healer, i knew it was pretty much going to be all me on the tank atleast until he got to the point where he absorbed all the gas from the room and just swung for massive hits. We took all our attempts with me and one of the casters stacked on the melee and everyone else spread out for the vomiting crap. We did fine until he got to that phase where he just goes to down on the tank, and thats because I was just bombing holy light after holy light. Sure enough the tank got spank'd the first round. The second phase seemed to go identical to that. The third time around, i knew I had to do something different, and something that i should have been doing from the start. By no means do i think myself an awesome holy pally, and this is proof of that lol, but i went back and respec'd for Imp Lay on Hands for the damage reduction. I was already spec'd for Divine Sacrifice (and I intend to make a post soon about Holy/Prot vs Holy/Ret and Crit vs Haste vs MP5 and my thoughts of them), so when that hard phase came up, we blood lusted and i popped Divine Sacrifice, Lay on Hands, AND hand of sacrifice, giving off about 70% damage reduction i think? I believe the shaman also has some ancesteral something or other that gave reduction as well. On that attempt, we burned through him before we went through that phase again. It was wonderful! But the worst was yet to come....

Professor Putricide. That guy is an asshole. The fight in itself is simple when you think about the mechanics and how to do the fight. Actually performing is a whole different story though. We couldn't DPS the slimes fast enough due to the fact that the abom bugs out the slime if he slows it too early or something like that. We wasted all 10 attempts that night without getting PP past 60% so it was pretty fail, but atleast we learned the mechanics of the fight. Our 25m didn't even continue on the second day due to people not showing up so hopefully we will fix that this week. I want to get out of this trial phase and get some damn loot!

So please, do share your experiences, perferably as a holy pally but i'm up for any point of view, on these new fights =D.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rotface Down!!!

Yup! You read it. After only 3 attempts or so we downed Rotface. It was a bit chaotic i'll admit, especially since i was on MT duty and i also had to watch the person who got the disease and had to cleanse them when they were close enough to the main blob. Super intense fight indeed. Trauma dropped but i was kinda iffy about it, and seeing as how i'm still in trial stage for joining the guild, i got passed up. Its ok since i'm not too concerned about loot at this point in raiding. My gear is performing well if I may say so myself.

We made some attempts on Festergut but damn was that a fight that is a major gear check. They were saying that we needed to have an average of 7.5k dps from all dpsers in order to beat his enrage and the way the charts were looking, it just wasn't happening. We did manage to get him to 30% on our last attempt though. It was a really fun fight but man it was so tough on the healers. The constant damage is nuts, and the tanks take huge hits. The thing that really made me happy about the last attempt though was that I really went nuts with it. I made such great use of all my cooldowns and abilities and managed to pull 10k HPS! For 3 minutes and 25 seconds straight. I was really trippin out. It wasn't only my recount that said it either lol. I didn't get to save the file or anything like that since i got kicked for a second after the fight, but I did get a screen shot of the recount showing healing done for that attempt! So here it is----

So i know there are tons of people who have done better, and im not tryin to gloat or anything. I just wanted to share a happy moment with you all =). Anyways, we decided some people still needed some better gear so we called it, did a quick ToC25, and said we will go back in on Monday. Wish us luck!

And by the way, feel free to share your experiences in the new wing as well!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New ICC Wing! Rotface Encounter

So yesterday I went with the guild Yamero Oniichan on Kil'Jaeden to run Icecrown 25. It was my first time running 25 man and it wasn't much more of a challenge than 10 man, especially due to the fact that Yamero is a great guild. Everyone is well geared and does their job well. The only thing that brought us down was the massive server lag that we have been feeling since Tuesday's hotfix! The server has been lagging like crazy, and in the 25 man it was just unbearable. Yet somehow, we pulled through. We died to lag on Marrowgar once, and after that it was clear skies! We one shot all the other bosses up to the new wing. Walking into the new wing was quite an experience. The trash was insane at first, especially the dogs! One of them decimates and then does a weak AoE from what i could tell. I was just trying to heal myself up and then throw out a holy light on the tank so that the glyph would do the rest of the work for me. The other dog that spawns adds after decimate wasn't that bad at all. We did about 5 attempts on Rotface but i think the most we got him to was about 50%. We are going back on Thursday so i'm looking forward to it. Anyone have any tips on the trash/Rotface as a Holy Paladin? And as a last thought, don't Divine Sacrifice during a decimate unless your bubbled. Terrible accident lol.

Today i went with some of the guys from Yamero to ICC10 and I had a blast. I finally replace the last really low level item, the healing neck from Heroic Toc5 with the 251 healing neck off of Saurfang! I rolled a 100 on it to be sure it would be mine lol. My mana pool is less than 100 points shy of 32k which makes me quite happy indeed =). Anyways, we did about 7 attempts on Rotface and got him to just about 30%. I had a blast in the 10m with these hopefully new guildies of mine and felt confident in my ability to heal since i had the highest overall healing (although i should since im a holy paladin >.>).

Please leave some feedback on your thoughts of the new wing and anything else you'd like! Maybe your own paladin's stats to compare with other people.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oculus Changes? Possible win!

So this is my first blog along the lines of WoW from a holy paladin's view point. My toon's name is Boroz on the Kil'Jaeden server.

Anyways, I'm here in class reading on updates and hot fixes and what now and I stumble upon the post that talks about Oculus being changed. Upon first reading the title, I kinda felt my lunch coming up. Oculus, the number one instance that I quit on random heroics. Hell, I know its not just me either so that's why it is justifiable! Anyways, I continued to read on and it turns out that if you get Oculus while searching for a random heroic, and ONLY while searching for a random heroic, you get additional loot for completing it. And it isn't too shabby either. You get 2 extra Triumph badges, rare gems (which I wouldn't have minded just 1 guaranteed epic gem >.>), and a chance at getting the Reins of the Blue Drake. In addition to this, The Reins of the Azure Drake has a chance to drop in 10/25 Eye of Eternity. I suppose this new incentive will change my mind when it comes to getting this random heroic, although I'll still do it grudgingly.

What about you? Will this change your mind when it comes time for flight or fight?